Auditions Idaho Choral Symphony Orchestra, Peter Covino, Jr. music director

There are always openings in the chorus and orchestra. For the qualified, the openings are paid positions. Based on your qualifications the pay for orchestral players starts at $50 per service or performance. The more qualified receive up to $200 per service and performance. There are several pay scales between these. For the less qualified but capable, we offer participation on a volunteer basis. There are no age limits and all are welcome to audition. If a rehearsal needs to run over time, your pay is 1/2 again of the base amount for that rehearsal. If we have a recording session during rehearsal your pay is doubled. This may happen during a dress rehearsal.

To perform in the orchestra requires an audition via this website. Submit your qualifications using the form below. Note there is no place for age, religion, gender or other.

To join the chorus fill in your voice type (soprano, bass, etc.) for your instrument including your range using middle “C” as C1 following standard nomenclature. Following instructions is part of the audition process.

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